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About Showroom

Showroom will be an international platform for artists of any kind. Artists will be able to upload their work, create a profile which will be linked to every upload of them, get feedback by people who are actually interested in what they're doing and even find projects or other artists to work together with and in the best case: create something big! We want to remove regional borders and want to open up the world of arts to everyone, not just to artists with a degree. If you're an artists, someone who likes/loves art or if you are looking for an artists to work with, you can find it on Showroom!

There are a lot(!!!) of artists out in this world. But have you ever wondered who the artist actually is? If they have other work you would maybe appreciate? Or even have a wish you would love your new favorite artist to work on? We did! That is why we wanted to create this Project and upon up the huge world of art to everyone!

The website will be finished in a few weeks so if you are interested in upcoming news and updates, register your with your e-mail now to get updates and a personal message for the launch.